9 emojis that define senior year

Senior year is most definitely stressful. Having the weight of  homework, essays, college applications, scholarships, post high school life and the wild spread of Senioritis can be tiring. As seniors continue through the year, they need a way to express how they feel, often through emojis. Scroll down to see 10 ways seniors express their feelings through emojis.

1. Jahayla McGraw, senior, chose the unamused emoji to show how disconnected she is at this point. “Senior year has been the most stressful for me,” McGraw said.

2. Abbey Schneeberger, senior, feels like this year has been overwhelming. She uses the girl hand to the face emoji to express her frustration. “ Senior year is rough. Applying to colleges, meeting deadlines, school work, and having to remember to keep up with my responsibilities are all just too much,” Schneeberger said.

3. Emma Contardi, senior, is just simply ready to graduate. “Graduation is just a couple months away!” Contardi said.


4. Kaylyn Goddard, senior, is just trying to get through the senior craziness. She does just that using the grimacing emoji. “This year has been stressful and crazy, but I have been pushing through,” Goddard said.

5. Christian Loukopoulos, senior, is just getting through the days. He uses the turtle to show just how slow things are going. “I feel like this year is going by so slow, turtle slow,” Loukopoulos said.

6. Lyssa McGauran, senior, is just enjoying her senior year. She uses the smiling emoji to show her happiness. “ It’s an exciting and happy time,” McGauran said.

7. Nathan Schimpf, senior, is feeling geeky with his accomplishments this year. “ Filling out applications and writing college essays, while taking rigorous courses makes me feel super nerdy and smart!” Schimpf said.

8. Daniel Adix, senior, is just waiting to be freed. He uses various emojis to express his excitement. “The eyes show me thinking about being free soon. In the meantime I am a quaint frog sipping tea waiting for graduation,” Adix said.

9. Rachel Lentz, senior, is riding the emotional roller coaster of senior year. “Senior year is one big emotional roller coaster. It’s stressful and tiring, yet exciting and wonderful,” Lentz said.