Seniors reflect on their swim & dive journey


Amy Seiberlich

Katie Lennie, Serena Said, Cat Seiberlich, Ariana Aldape and Josephine Jurack hold up the number 4 to show that it has been their fourth year together on the swim team.

Bittersweet. It’s the feeling of holding the memories of years as a team but the awareness that it is time to move on to a new chapter. As another swim and dive season comes to an end, the girls recall their highlights and what they will miss most next year. 

Hannah Tracy, diver, felt “the season went really [well]. The team was really close. Lauren Van Vooren and I won diving at conference relays and pushed one another to learn new dives.”

Off the diving board and into the pool, the swimmers recounted goals set and met.

Katie Lennie saw “a ton of improvement” on the team throughout the season. “It was so exciting and satisfying to see how much each swimmer improved after all of the hard work we put in. Sometimes people end up with times at the end of the season that we never would have thought were possible.”

As an exchange student from Italy, Giulia Vignoli described her experience on the team as “incredible. It’s hard to believe how a group of girls can become your family in just a couple of  months.”

The seniors were not only honored during the final swim meet but during the entire school day as well. All the girls put gifts together for each senior to enjoy during every hour of the school day. The start of the day began with a Starbucks drink, sweet treats and ended with a mason jar filled with reasons why the girls on the team were grateful for each senior. 

“My favorite memory this year was probably senior night. Everyone came together to make the day and meet amazing for the seniors. I’m definitely going to miss having a team to be part of,” Tracy said. 

Besides the overall team bonding and friendships made over the four years, Lennie’s best moments on the team included “Going to Noah’s Ark, our annual campfire and team dinners.”

Overall, “If I had to describe swim in a few words, I would say that we are just a group of girls with a common passion who have fun together,” Vignoli emphasized. 

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