Football season ends, bonds live on


Ken Cavanaugh

The offensive line battles it out against Menomonee Falls during a playoff game on Nov. 1, 2019.

Hard Work.



On Friday, Nov. 1, the Highlander football team met its match against Menomonee Falls in a second-round playoff  game. Less than a minute into the game, Falls scored.

As the game continued, it was a constant battle between the teams. 

In the end, the Highlanders came up short 32-19, ending the season. Though the season has come to a close, the memories and brotherhood t among the players will live on.

After years of practices, games, victories and losses, the senior boys truly built a family on and off the field. 

Reflecting on his best memory over the course of his high school career, Nick Freckmann, senior, said, “Running out on the field at Camp Randall with all of my brothers last year was my best memory.” 

Similarly, Charlie Ferguson, senior, said he will miss “…the O-line and D-line rivalry. It made practice fun and competitive, and helped build strong bonds between teammates.”

In the eyes of the players, the two seniors both agree that the team played their hearts out Friday night. 

“You win some and you lose some. Unfortunately, we lost a playoff game to Menomonee Falls, but we all gave it our best. I have no regrets about the game, and I’m proud of how my brothers played from start to finish,” Freckmann said.  


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