Mequon & Thiensville stands still in quarantine


Social distancing is important to practice even when outside.

On March 24, governor Tony Evers issued a “Safer at Home Order.” This means that nobody is to leave their home unless necessary and all non-essential businesses were to be closed. The specifics and special circumstances are highlighted in the Emergency Order #12 that is available online to the public.

Due to COVID-19 everyone is highly suggested and recommended to stay at home. This has happened in most of the United States and most countries around the world. Due to many businesses being closed, I decided to go around Mequon and Thiensville to capture the emptiness on my camera. I went to Homestead, Mequon Public Market and the Interurban trail.

When I went to Homestead, it was definitely weird because Homestead always has cars in the parking lot even on a Sunday. Seeing the grounds so empty and quiet was odd and abnormal for me to say the least. Every door has a sign saying “school closed.”

At the Mequon Public, there are signs explaining how many of the restaurants are still offering a take out option but no one is able to eat in the market. Many are working to keep their businesses running by offering a take out option.

Finally, I went to the Interurban Trail which has become a hub for activity since the people have been asked to stay at home. Many try to take advantage of the sunny weather by spending time outside, six feet apart from other people. There have been signs posted that urge people to respect others’ space and stay six feet away from others.

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