Best TikTok accounts for your interests


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Find the TikTok accounts to follow that are best suited for your interests.

The TikTok app has taken the United States by storm. With over 800 million worldwide active users it was the most downloaded app of 2019, having been downloaded over 1.5 billion times. People spend nearly an hour on average browsing videos each day, and 90% of its users log on multiple times per day.

With the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year having been terminated, along with many extracurriculars and functions, teenagers may be finding themselves with a great deal of time on their hands.

TikTok has a massive amount of potential to jumpstart interests, build ideas, etc. With self care videos from skin care fanatics across the globe to cooking inspiration to the best clothing store bangs for your budget, TikTok may not only be a good place to kill some time, but also a way to find other ways to fill your spare hours with new interests. Below are some of the best and most loved TikTokers from each genre of video, from comedy to travel and everywhere in between.


From professional models to fashion students to budget shoppers, TikTok is the best place for not only the best stores to shop at, but outfit inspiration and clothing hacks.



Everyone from professional chefs to home cooks have been utilizing TikTok to publicize their secret recipes for everyone to enjoy.



With dark and light humor alike and comedic styles ranging from point-of-view videos to skits, small and large creators know just how to maximize ten to thirty second segments of film to generate laughter.
Note: Not all comedy is suitable for all audiences. These are accounts that were suggested by multiple students from all grade levels. Profanity and inappropriate humor may be present in certain videos.



Here to make everyone jealous, creators sharing their travel adventures will make you want to fill up your Pinterest dream board and bust out of your house.


Makeup/Skin Care

Skin care junkies from all over are bound to find some useful information from creators with massive makeup collections and strong beauty opinions.



Aesthetically pleasing and lighthearted, lifestyle TikToks have something for everyone.



Hundreds of celebs have jumped on the TikTok bandwagon to expand their presence to another social media platform. Below are some of the celebs that know how to TikTok the best.



If politics are fascinating, politically charged tik toks have sparked debate and provoked thought in millions of users.



Whether or not you excel in the arts, these TikTokers create masterpieces that can be both inspirational and simply enjoyable to watch.



Creators don’t always come by themselves, some come in pairs, or in this case, large groups.


School/College Tips

With everything from making money during school to study tips to college application advice, these TikTokers have brought their aesthetic note-taking skills and experience to the table.


With so much time indoors during quarantine, now more than ever do people have the chance to develop new skills and expand on their interests. And, believe it or not, TikTok, though it may seem all fun and games, can be useful in fostering a creative and introspective environment. Getting the most out of social media has been something which people have strived to do since its inception, and these accounts may be a good place to start.