Seniors search for roommates on social media

With National College Decision Day fast approaching on May 1, students enrolling in college in the fall need to register for housing, which means finding a roommate. Social media is the new way to connect and get to know other students. Bailey Timmer, senior, will be going to University of Tennessee this fall. Timmer found social media to be a very helpful tool to meet new people because she will not know anyone from home. “Going to school so far away, social media was my only option besides doing a random roommate. It gave me the chance to find someone that I get along with really well,” Timmer said.

For some, the roommate searching process had a lot of pressure, as they will be spending their entire freshman year living with this person. Gabi Thomas, senior will be attending the University of Nebraska- Lincoln next year. “It was really stressful trying to find people to talk to but everyone was super nice,” Thomas said.
Look below to see some of these Homestead seniors share some insight into the process for them!

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