Clothed in confidence


Dressing in clothes that express who you are as a person can make you feel more confident in yourself, no matter what others think. This week, I chose to dress in ways that I believe express who I am and want to be. On some days I dressed to the nines, or at least I did in my opinion, and on other days I dressed in more laid back clothes. I tried my best not to worry about what other people were thinking and I just went for it; I wore clothes for myself, not for anyone else.

One big thing about being an introvert, or just being a teenager in general, is that, most of the time, I over analyze things and I picture the worst-case scenario in every situation I face. So, basically, all throughout the week, I felt really self-conscious and self-aware. But, as the week went by, I began to feel more at ease and I began to realize that no one really cared about what I was wearing and it was kind of irrational of me to think that people came to school just to judge what I was wearing. When I came to that realization, I became more confident in what I was wearing and I was more comfortable just doing what I wanted to do.

Doing this really helped boost my confidence because I became more comfortable with myself and with my style. Being comfortable with one’s self is a big step in gaining confidence and being more extroverted. By doing this I also learned that it is ok to do what I want to do because most other people are doing what they want to do without worrying about what other people might think or say.