Milwaukee’s skyline is changing

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Milwaukee’s skyline is changing

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The U.S. Bank Building, 100 East Wisconsin, the University Club Tower and the Milwaukee Center–these four skyscrapers currently cast a shadow over all other buildings in Milwaukee. They make up the picturesque and, in some way, iconic Milwaukee skyline. These four giants are about to be joined by a brother on the lake.

The Northwestern Mutual Tower, to be finished in the spring of 2018, will be the second largest of the towers, clocking in at 550 feet, according to The Skyscraper Center.

25 of the 32 stories will be residential. The remainder of the stories will be used for the offices of the namesake company–Northwestern Mutual. The building features an underground parking center and an indoor golfing simulator, according to a article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel titled “Northwestern Mutual plans 33-story upscale apartment tower downtown.”

Milwaukee’s first skyscraper was the Pabst Building, which was built in 1891. The Pabst Building was the tallest one in Milwaukee until Milwaukee City Hall was built. For 80 years, City Hall dominated the skyline until 1973, and at the time it was built, it was the tallest habitable building in the United States, according to the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

The U.S. Bank Building, the current leader of the pack, was built in 1973. In the following year, the trendsetting building won the Distinguished Building Award from the Chicago Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, according to Emporis. The building had its steel frame on the outside of the building, which set it apart from others of the era.

Allison Fochs, senior, stated, “I am excited that the new building will be on the lake. I think that it will bring new life to the lakefront.”

Sophie Looker, senior, said, “I’m super knowledgeable about that side of town… I know that skyline like the back of my hand.” She was excited by the news that a new and characterizing building was being added to the skyline.  

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