Celebrating Cheryl Figg

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Sasha Shapsis
The Figg family poses together for a photo during the event.

A celebration of Cheryl Figg, former Donges Bay teacher and community drama adviser, as well as her achievements and contributions to the local community was held at Range Line School in the afternoon of March 16. This gathering came in the wake of news that Figg has discontinued her chemotherapy, giving the community an opportunity to visit with her.

In attendance were family, friends, and past students of Figg, all coming to thank her for providing years of teaching and directing with MTSD. Figg was a longtime fourth grade teacher at Donges Bay Elementary School, as well as the organizer of the beloved recreation department plays put on every year to introduce kids of the district into acting and theater.

The event was organized not only by Figg’s daughter, Amelia Figg-Franzoi, Homestead teacher and play director, but also by the numerous parents who wanted to show their appreciation for Figg’s work throughout the years.

Despite the sadness surrounding the day, people enjoyed having the chance to say thank you to Figg since suspending her chemo. It served as a chance for people to express their adoration and appreciation to her for everything she has done for students over the years.


Sasha Shapsis
Zach Duckler, sophomore, sells “Figglet” t-shirts at the event to honor Cheryl Figg.

Sasha Shapsis
Students and parents sit down and talk to Mrs. Figg about all their memories.

Sasha Shapsis
Past students of Figg pose for a photo during her celebration.

Sasha Shapsis
Adults attending the event view one of the many posters made up of photos of Figg.

Sasha Shapsis
Members of the Figg family hug each other at the event on Saturday.

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