Stop, Look, Listen: Hear the stories of those around us

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The best advice and the best stories seem to come from the most unexpected places. From a quick anecdote from a stranger in a elevator, or a sit down dinner with your grandparents, nearly everywhere you go and everything you do involves a story. Some are fictional, some are painfully truthful, and all have a message worth taking to heart.

Here at Homestead, stories are shared in the hallways at passing periods, shouted across a table at lunch, recited in front of a microphone in creative writing classes, and published by Highlander Publications.

However, this story is different than most stories published in the magazine, yearbook, or on our site. You can listen to this story directly from the source; that is, the interviewee.

Above are recordings of David Kautzman, head custodian, and Daniel Eberle and Lenny Carter, student supervisors. Hear them discuss how past jobs, and their currents jobs, have changed their perspectives.

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