Q & A with new teacher Mrs. Manal Roumani


Alexandra Grosso

Roumani reflects back on her first trimester as a Homestead teacher and highlights some of her goals and thoughts on the new trimester.

A teacher’s first year at a new school can be stressful. However, with the first trimester under Contemporary Computing and Intro to Computing teacher Mrs. Manal Roumani’s belt, she is excited to progress into her second trimester and is enjoying being a part of Homestead.

Q: How do you feel reflecting back on your first trimester at Homestead?

A: After first trimester, I feel good, but at the same time, I was worried, because I have a new class I am teaching [second trimester]. That was interesting, as well as knowing that I really am I kind of person who gets bored easily, so I love having trimesters because I get to change things up. What I decided to do after trimester one was over was reflect back, see things that worked really well and keep those, and see things that really did not and change those, which is something I was really excited about.

Q: How do you feel going into second trimester?

A: At first I thought I was more ready than I turned out to be, which is okay. But, with the course I’ve already taught I feel much better, and with the course I’m teaching brand new is my favorite class to teach, Intro to Programming. I’m trying to have fun with all of this, as well as change it up to figure out what students are doing and feeling, and how they are progressing in class.

Q: How does it feel to be apart of the Homestead community?

A: I’m really enjoying being a part of Homestead. [I enjoyed] having the fact that the boys football went to state because it’s sort of a different atmosphere. There’s a lot more school spirit here, too, than I’ve ever seen at the schools I was at previously. For right now, I’m really enjoying it, and I’m, really enjoying the people I work with and getting to know all the students and the environment.