Q and A with new English teacher Mrs. Fraley


Coming to a new school, either as a teacher or a student, can be very scary. For Michaela Fraley, she is returning to her former high school. She loves being part of the Homestead community and looks forward to continue her years here.

Q: Were you teaching somewhere before? If yes, where? How did you choose Homestead?

A: I taught at Bradford High School for roughly seven years, and then I took a break to have children. When my youngest child went to school, I took a support position in special education. I did this for three years. Being a Homestead High School graduate, I was aware of Homestead’s fantastic reputation.

Q: Are you enjoying being part of the Homestead community? What is the best part?

A: Teaching at Homestead is a dream come true. The students are definitely the best part. They are kind, friendly and respectful. I love the attitude of excellence here; I see a lot of students helping one another, encouraging one another to do their best. That is awesome.

Q: How did your first trimester go? Are you ready for 2nd trimester?

A: Although it is stressful starting a new position, the English department here is incredibly supportive. In fact, I could ask anyone in this building a question, and they would help me find the answer. Homestead models what it means to be a community. I love running into former teachers and coaches.