Football season starts off with a bang


Thais Marques

. The Homestead student section cheers for the football players while encompassing the black theme.

One night.

One sport.

One team.

The mighty Highlanders conquered Port Washington at the season opener on Friday, Aug. 18, 2017. The boys started the season off on a high note defeating the Pirates 55-14.

The game started quickly with Bradley Woldt, senior running back, scoring the first touchdown of the game in the first four minutes of the game. Jared Schneider, junior running back, extended the Highlanders lead with the two touchdowns in the first half. The boys ended the first half with a shut out of 48-0.

“I thought I played very well especially because I scored twice but that’s all thanks to my O-Line and Coach Zortman for giving me the ball,” Schneider said.

During halftime the band performed. “I’m super excited to lead the band for the season,” Andrea Griffin, junior drum major, said.

In the start of the second half, Port Washington scored their first touchdown, but momentum picked up when Corey DeToro, senior running back, completed a 30-yard punt return ending in a scoring drive. The boys ended the game with a very healthy lead defeating port by 41 points.

On the bleachers the infamous Homestead student section came out strong. Decked in black from head to toe the dedicated fans cheered on the boys throughout the game.

“We had a really grat start to the year, Im excited to see where the team goes this season,” Lizzy O’Leary, junior, said.


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